Review: Tony Moly Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream

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Most tempting of all skincare products…

Plastic hygiene cap covers product

Plastic hygiene cap covers product

Now I have always respected, do respect and always will respect the observational skills of my readers, so I won’t patronise you by pointing out that this product is shaped like a fracking apple. I also won’t insult your intelligence by claiming that I bought it for any other reason than this. ‘How often do you come across fruit-shaped skincare products?’, I asked myself a week or so into my tenure in Korea.

It turns out Korea makes a shit-ton of products that are shaped like fruit, and I come across a huge selection of them on a daily basis. You live and learn.

Korean products tend to be swimming in lofty claims and this particular item is no different, claiming to maintain the skin’s natural firmness and brightness, accelerate the natural exfoliation process, sooth the “outer skin” whilst using Alpha Hydroxy Acid to “loosen the bind between skin and dead cells”. Since the label is entirely in Korean I have very little way of finding out whether these scientific claims are in any way backed up by the ingredients, so we’ll have to trust them. The proof is in the pudding, as they say, so let’s move on.

Instructions: After cleansing, dry the skin and apply generously to dry areas all over the face, avoiding eye and mouth area. Gently massage for 1~2min and leave for 30sec. Gently rub your face in a circular motion and wash off in tepid water.

The product itself, as you will have already noticed, is in a pot covered by a plastic lid. I’ve read some other reviews of this item where bloggers have been really pissed off about this design choice as it’s evidently quite unhygienic to be dipping your fingers into the cream every time you use it. I agree with this (despite not considering it myself, disgusting human that I am) so I make sure I wash my hands or use a sanitiser before I bury my mucky paws in it and smear it all over my face. If you’re not happy to do that you could use a spatula or something, but it’s worth noting that one is not supplied by Tony Moly.

As you massage the product into your face, you start to feel the texture of the product change from a smooth, typical cream to a more clumpy dryness. According to the lady in the shop this is the dead skin from your face bonding with the cream, ready to be washed off. This sounded a bit too much like a chemical peel for my liking, but I have quite sensitive skin but didn’t have any problems with the product during or after. I can absolutely confirm that my face felt noticeably smoother when I had finished the treatment, but I can’t say that it was much different to when I use a hardcore exfoliator so I doubt I’d re-purchase.

A few times I’ve wondered how much of this product’s apparent super powers have been invented by the marketing department. It seems like an awful lot of dead skin is coming off my face when the product begins to solidify, especially when I have done the treatment more than once a week. I won’t get all conspiracy theorist on you, but I am suspicious that the cream is designed to change somehow after a few minutes to make it seem like it is more effective than it really is…or maybe my fingertips have excessive amounts of dead skin on them or something. Whatevs, it’s a Korean skincare mystery probably never to be solved.



Would probably not repurchase as the results are similar to an exfoliation product, of which there are many I prefer to this. 


One thought on “Review: Tony Moly Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream

  1. I felt like this one was changing when it came into contact with any sebum or whatever on my skin rather than actual dead skin cells, but it was sort of hard to tell. It smelt lovely though.

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